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Lamination is one of the most popular ways for protection of printed material. It can be one- or double sided, hot or cold, matt or gloss. The application, materials and your personal choice determines which method is used. Anyway, lamination will make the product more elegant and water resistant. It can bring your print shiny and colorful appearance, or make it high-class and luxury.

Info materials, business cards, menus or packages will be more protected from damages. They will look better and bring more attention of customers or business-partners. Matte Lamination will add contrasting finishes and style to your product. It is done by fixing a thin layer of plastic with heat on the package. After that your product will be super soft, with velvety matte effect.

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Gloss Lamination prevents you from writing on the surface with a ball point pen. But is great for the fronts of business cards to give a bright and color enhancing professional finish to the product.

One- or double sided lamination with glossy and matte films. Formats of sheets – A1 and A2. Minimum 500 copies. Shiny or Anti-glare coating various thickness.